S-Rights Ltd. is a company which works with major producers, licensors, agents, authors, brands, licensing houses and legal representatives to make stage and other media rights available to licensees, publishers, producers, theatres and others.

It provides producers and rights owners (Licensors) with:

  • a centralised web presence from which to make rights available, collect interest and direct licensees to where they can get what they need;
  • a licensing service for negotiating and contracting licences of stage and other rights;
  • a collection service for collecting, accounting and distributing licensing income from stage productions and other sources;
  • a consultancy service for acquiring, managing and licensing productions of stage and other rights and operating agreements with authors and other creators.

It provides authors, creative team members, their agents and legal representatives and other rights owners in stage works with:

  • a dedicated permanent web presence to which they can direct interest in a licensed project in which they have rights;
  • regular information about the licensing of the project, management of approval rights and general contractual compliance;
  • clear, regular, informative accounting of licensing income where S-Right is collecting; and
  • a central resource for providing regular and up-to-date information to licensees and their marketing teams.

It provides amateur and professional stage producers and international stage agents with:

  • a quick method to find the person or business who can handle their rights enquiry;
  • if S-Rights is directly licensing on behalf of a rights holder, a friendly and efficient process;
  • helpful and clear downloadable resources for marketing, accounting and other areas of production;
  • the opportunity to contribute to the promotion and future life of the licensed work.

It provides licensing houses with:

  • sources of pre-existing interest in the titles they have acquired;
  • updated and maintained Licensor and author resources and promotional support;
  • a centralised point of contact for multiple rights holders;
  • information on upcoming title availability.

S-Rights aims to promote productive relationships between everyone involved in creating great works for the stage and enabling them to be produced wherever there is demand.

If you have or are acquiring rights in a project for the stage and are interested in becoming a client of S-Rights, please email [email protected]